Cloud Backup

for Podio
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Backup and restore your data stored at Your backup is stored independently from Podio® and hence can be accessed even if all Podio® infrastructure or service fails.

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Why bother?

We believe that Podio® is doing a very good job, keeping your data accessible. But we believe even more in a redundant, independent backup.

If you have critical data stored at Podio® (e.g. billing or contact information) it may damage your business badly if Podio® is for some reason not accessible. For these cases you could access your data via Cloud Backup for Podio.

Backup your Podio data

The backup functionality is - of course - the central feature. Items and other elements are stored in their original format - as retrieved from the Podio API.

Backups include:
  • Item comments
  • Item tags
  • Item excel export
  • All files (attachments/images) uploaded to Podio®
  • Files stored at other providers (, ...) are linked for ease access
  • Tasks associated with selected workspace and global tasks

Restore to Podio

In case you (or some other mad man) changed or deleted your data, you can restore it from your backups.

  • Items, including their files, images and comments
  • Bulk restore multiple/all items of some app
  • Tasks, including files and comments
  • Apps including configuration and fields
  • Restore automatically creates updated references (e.g. a restored task will reference the before restored item)
  • Coming soon: Restoring complete workspaces

What do our customers say?

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Always secure

Cloud Backup for Podio was build with security and reliability as the main focus. Our system is completely independent from Podio to ensure a true redundancy.

  • Independent from Podio® (Podio® is only contacted for fetching the backups). Infrastructure completely separated from Podio® and hosted on Google Compute Engine (Region: europe-west1 in Belgium and europe-west3 in Germany).
  • All data is transferred securely via SSL/HTTPS (that is: from Podio® to Cloud Backup and from Cloud Backup to you). Your data will not be shared with any third party.
  • You can access your data through our website even if Podio is completely/temporarily out of service!
  • Your data is stored redundantly in separate locations to ensure maximum reliability

Further features

Cloud Backup for Podio includes many more features. Check it out by registering for free!

  • Complete download of your Cloud Backup for Podio account to your computer. This data can be restored to Cloud Backup (and from there to Podio).
  • CSV export of your items (Easy import in MS Excel or Open Office Calc)
  • CSV export of comments
  • CSV export of tasks and their comments
  • Automatic/Scheduled backups (Silver and Gold Plan only)
  • Automatic removal of old backups (Silver and Gold Plan only)
  • Email notification (on success/failure) of backup.