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Cloud Backup for Podio

is a disaster backup for your data stored at podio.com. Your backup is stored independently from Podio® and hence can be accessed even if all Podio® infrastructure or service fails.

Why bother?

We believe that Podio® is doing a very good job, keeping your data accessible. But we believe even more in a redundant, independent backup.

If you have critical data stored at Podio® (e.g. billing or contact information) it may damage your business badly if Podio® is for some reason not accessible. For these cases you could access your data via Cloud Backup for Podio.

What are the features?

  • Completely independent from Podio® (Podio® is only contacted for fetching the backups)
    • Infrastructure completely seperated from Podio® and hosted on Google Compute Engine (Region: europe-west1)
  • Security
    • All data is transferred securely via SSL/HTTPS (that is: from Podio® to Cloud Backup and from Cloud Backup to you)
  • Privacy
    • Your data will not be shared with any third party.
  • NEW Restore
    • Items: Restore changed and deleted items - including their files, images and comments
    • Items: Bulk restore several items of the same app at once
    • Tasks: Restore changed and deleted tasks - including their files, images and comments
      Works seamless with restored items!
    • NEW Apps: Restore changed and deleted apps - including their configuration and fields
      Works seamless with restored items and tasks!
    • Coming soon: Restoring complete workspaces
  • Easy to use web frontend
  • Apps/Items
    • Items are stored in native format
    • All comments at items are stored
    • All items are stored additionally as their Excel export
    • Tags are stored
  • Files
    • Stores all files (attachments/images) uploaded to Podio®
    • Backups without files possible (less quota used!)
    • Links files stored at other providers (dropbox.com, ...) for easy access
  • Tasks
    • All tasks that are associated to an item/app/space that is part of the backup are stored
    • Global tasks (that are not associated to some item/app/space) are stored if configured
  • Export
    • Export all backups. Download your complete Cloud Backup for Podio account to your computer - and restore all data to Cloud Backup from any export.
    • Export items as CSV (Easy import in MS Excel or Open Office Calc)
    • Export comments as CSV
  • Automatic/Scheduled backups (Silver and Gold Plan only)
  • Automatic removal of old backups (Silver and Gold Plan only)
    • Configure a time span in days, after which old backups are deleted
  • Email notification
    • Successful backups
    • Failed backups (e.g. quota exceeded)

Can I try?

Yes, please! Register and play around with 100 MB free backups.

How can I provide feedback?

As there is always ongoing development for this site, of course any feedback, bug reports or feature requests is very welcome and can be provided via email: info@cloud-backup-for-podio.com. Additionally you can follow @BackupForPodio on Twitter for updates.

Paid plans

There are currently the following paid plans available:

Free Silver Gold Enterprise
Storage quota 100 MB 2 GB 20 GB Custom
Automatic/scheduled backups no Monthly,
Restore Items,
Trial period n/a 14 days 14 days Custom
Cancellation period n/a Monthly Monthly Monthly
Price Free 10 €/month 50 €/month Contact support


If you register via this page, you get a special {{ promotion.label }} discount: on any paid plan you'll save {{ (promotion.customer_discount.percentage)*100 | number }}% for the first {{ promotion.customer_discount.duration }} months! Of course you still get the free plan with 100MB for free and you have a free 14 days trial period with the paid plans.

Share this promotion link with your friends: {{hostname}}/promo/{{promotion.name}}.

You can order and cancel your plan after login in the "Account" menu in the section "Your Plan".

After ordering your paid plan you'll get a 14 days trial period. If you cancel within 14 days you'll not get charged.

If you need more space than 20 GB, we'll be happy to provide a custom offer.

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